I am forsaken
In a world of patterned
Minds of short-minded people
Are butchered like lams.
I rise around me walls like dams.
I hide my soul,
I run from the ghoul,
I show no mercy
For the unmerciful hore
That is life.
I strive to survive,
I force my way through life,
I sing my song from a fife
And wait to go in the after-life!
Our hearts are filled with sorrow,
Your minds are filled withs thoughts of borrow.
You have no principles for yourself,
You don’t read books from an old shelf.
You have empty sights,
You’re afraid of hights,
You have fake smiles in lights
And cry for no reason at nights.
You dress all the same,
You think you’re in pain
Becasue you loose a game
Or all of your fame .
You’re all the same
As the dame of lame!